What are Edible Images?

Edible Images are images printed on edible paper with edible inks. We use two different types of edible paper, Edible Icing Sheets and Wafer Paper with the best quality edible ink.

What are Icing Sheet?

It is layer of icing which are pressed thinly onto a backing sheet. It is quite a flexible material and much less transparent.

Icing sheet ingredients 

Starches (E1422, E1412), Maltodextrin, Glycerin, Sugar, Stabilizer (E414, D460i), Dextrose, Emulsifiers (E435, E471), Flavours (vanillin), Food Colour (E171), Preservative (E202, E330)

Allergens; Contain corn, product is gluten and nut free

What is the shelf life of the Icing sheets?

12 months, but for best result use within 3 months.

How to store Icing Sheets?

Keep the Icing sheets, flat in their Zip Lock airtight bag in a cool, dry place (not a fridge) otherwise they will dry out and become brittle and unusable. Be sure to keep the image out of any direct light. Exposure to sunlight and artificial lights can fade the colours of the edible images.

What types of Icing do Icing Sheets work best with?

Fresh Buttercream, Fondant, Marzipan, even Ice Cream are the best. It is recommended that you do not put the Icing Sheet directly on a high moisture base, such as whipped creams. You may fill cakes with whipped cream but use a thin layer of buttercream under the actual Icing Sheet.

You may use hard frostings, such as Royal Icing but you should also put a very thin coating of a buttercream, piping jelly, or at least a fine mist water spray so the Icing sheet will adhere to the surface. 

What is wafer paper?

It is also known as rice paper. Our wafer paper is made from three simple, natural, ingredients, potato starch, water and olive oil. It is a stiff but slightly transparent material. This means it generally maintains its shape unless exposed to a large amount of liquid, when it starts to dissolve.

Edible wafer paper is approximately 0.35mm thick.

What is wafer card?

It is double thickness compared to a standard wafer paper sheet. It is also known as double density wafer paper. Wafer Card gives you greater strength, so it is ideal though for printing stand up cake toppers.

Edible wafer card is approximately 0.9mm thick.

What is the shelf life of is wafer paper/card?

If stored as recommended our wafer paper will have 12 months shelf life but it's better to use it within 6 months.

This product is best stored in its original packaging, below 25˚C, at a relative humidity area and away from sources of moisture and heat and away from sunlight to prevent fading. Do not store wafer paper in the open air or in a refrigerator. Keep the wafer paper flat and do not place any heavy object on top.

Is wafer paper/card suitable for Vegans & Vegetarians?

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Can you put wafer paper/card on buttercream?

Wafer paper will be more affected by humidity than the oils in buttercream, but if you want to use them, put them on at the last minute. Don't refrigerate a buttercream or fondant cake that has wafer paper on it because the condensation after removing the cake from the fridge will melt the paper.

How soon will my order arrive?

If we have all the information to create your perfect topper, we will send your order within next business day.

If you have requested a draft or If we have any queries, we will contact you next working day. Please check your emails in case we have emailed to ask you a question or sent a draft. Once we have received your confirmation that you are happy for us to print, we will send off your image next working day.

Can you print any image or photo?

Yes, we can print absolutely any photo or image on to an edible icing sheet

What image quality do I submit?

please see our Tips create a beautiful edible print page to find a lot of great tips.