Frequently asked question on edible icing sheets

Our premium edible icing sheets (sugar sheets) can add glamour to your cakes, cupcakes or cookies. They are easy to use and can be decorated with your design, or you can choose from our pre-designed cake toppers.

The edible icing sheets used by us easily peel away from their backing sheet, and we only use premium edible ink to print your designs.

You can use our edible icing sheet cake toppers on various applications, including buttercream, fondant, and royal icing.

Below are some essential facts about edible images printed on edible icing sheets.


Edible Images are images printed on edible paper with edible inks.
Edible paper comes in two formats, Edible Icing Sheets (also known as sugar sheets) and Wafer Paper. Our Edible images are printed using food grade edible ink, which result in vibrant colour images.

Icing sheets or Sugar Sheets are created as a layer of icing  pressed thinly onto a backing sheet. It is quite a flexible material and much less transparent.

Due to its flexibility and ability to create vibrant custom designs these are used regularly to as cake decorations.

Generally the ingredients contain,

Starches (E1422, E1412), Maltodextrin, Glycerin, Sugar, Stabilizer (E414, D460i), Dextrose, Emulsifiers (E435, E471), Flavours (vanillin), Food Colour (E171), Preservative (E202, E330)

Edible Icing sheets used by Prints On Cake are of highest quality and our product is gluten and nut free.

Allergens; Contain corn.

You can keep icing sheets for 12 months using the storage instructions. We recommend using your edible icing personalised image within three months to ensure the colour vibrancy of the cake decoration design selected by you.

Keep the Icing sheets flat in their Zip Lock airtight bag in a cool, dry place. If they are not kept within the zip lock bag, they will dry out and become brittle and unusable.
Be sure to keep the image out of any direct light. Exposure to sunlight and artificial lights can fade the colours of your personalised edible icing sugar images.

Do not store edible icing sheets within the fridge.

Do not refrigerate or freeze the cake once the icing sugar sheet is applied to the cake. Freezing or refrigeration will cause ice crystals to form on the icing sheet or cause sweating on the icing sheet resulting in colour bleeding on your edible cake image.
We recommend you place the icing sheet on the day of your special occasion to ensure they are not exposed to the elements.

The edible icing sugar cake toppers can be used on most cake coverings, including marzipan, fondant, royal icing, glace icing, chocolate, whipped cream, buttercream and frozen cake surfaces (ice-cream).
If you use a wet surface such as whipped cream or frozen cake, we recommend applying your edible cake topper to a thin white fondant layer and then placing it on the cake. This method will ensure a professional finish, and the thin fondant layer will be a barrier between the wet icing and your personalised edible image.

If you apply the edible icing sheet onto fondant, we recommend using a mist of water applied to the fondant with a pastry brush. Be careful not to apply too much water, as this will cause the edible icing sheet edible print colours to run off. Ensure all areas of the fondant where the edible image is applied are moist enough to stick to the fondant.

Your personalised designs and images are printed on edible icing sheets using food grade quality edible ink. We can print any design or pattern you want on edible icing sheets. Colours with a metallic appearance, such as gold, silver designs, are difficult to colour match edible icing sheets and should be avoided being printed.